“From disconnection to love” series

It is essential to think about yourself, find out what you need to heal, and move forward from the stuck places within yourself and your relationships with other people and the world. To think about seriously connecting with someone, person, animal or place in nature other than through social media
Do you need advice from a trusted friend or a solid therapist who can help you mend those places inside of you that have become shut off from others?
You may need to talk about what it is like being a single parent and how you can care for yourself and your children and feel so much better for it rather than struggling and doing more than you can manage.
Learning about yourself and what you need is very important to lessen the chances of being manipulated and settling into a relationship that does not feel right for you. Similarly, being your best self in a relationship will help you to reconnect with the joy of being together rather than being in conflict most of the time.
We all have different needs, and your needs are essential; your therapist must know precisely how to understand what you need and work with you to help you reconnect to happiness.
Being happy with yourself is a worthy goal to have, whether that’s enjoying cwtching your favourite pet, walking through the forest, swimming in the sea, feeling the sun on your skin, or having a cuppa with a friend; moments of happiness are good for you and necessary to think about pursuing.
If you struggle with a disability, you must connect with someone you can talk with and get help to manage the sensory overload and be heard and empowered to live your best life.
If you are the victim of abuse, you don’t need to suffer in silence; talking confidently with a therapist who knows how to help you, stop blaming yourself and start protecting yourself is essential.
Abuse and discrimination can create deep feelings of shame because we blame ourselves and believe we can do nothing to change the situation. But if you want to, then you can! Shame is a sickening feeling that makes us believe we are wrong. That’s why it is difficult to stop thinking that you are wrong. This feeling of being inherently bad or not good enough destroys your life.
Think about it….you are vulnerable, whether because you are away from your country, estranged from your family, a victim of physical or sexual abuse, have a disability, or are alone. How can this mean you are wrong? It does not make any sense.
The opposite of shame is compassion, as Carolyn Spring, the author of Unashamed, tells us. Compassion, kindness, and care help us reconnect with relationships and move through the sadness inside of us toward accepting where we are today and what we need to begin to trust life again.
You don’t need to wait to begin considering how important connection, relationship, and happiness are to your well-being, mental health and life. You can reach out for professional help today.