Dance Movement Therapy

is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration. It’s been around since the 1940s and is widely recognised today as a form of psychotherapy. The aims of movement therapy are to promote and build emotional, physical and mental integration; the experience of joy and pleasure are fundamental throughout the sessions; dance movement therapy as a form of psychotherapy is rooted in dances and movement that increase self-esteem and awareness, offering growth and change within the therapeutic group.


It works with simple, daily life Movements to respectfully explore the connection with ourselves, others and the world.
We celebrate our similarities and differences in these healing movement groups in a safe and confidential space.
Music is used to help us connect with the good, the painful and the confusing memories we carry inside, allowing them to emerge so that they can be updated, transformed and healed in a deeply held way.

The benefits:
Renew your energies
Move mindfully from your heart
Improve your mental, psychological, physical and emotional health
Increase self-esteem, confidence and self-expression
Regulation of the nervous system
Creativity and healing
Manage overwhelming feelings and thoughts
Build Trust in relationships
Integrate thoughts, emotions, body, and breath
Dissolve held tensions
Build safe connections

Confidence, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is the quality of being certain of your abilities or having Trust in people, plans or the future; when we have confidence in ourselves, we have courage and determination; we can stand up and take responsibility for our lives from our hearts and live with faith, faith in ourselves, in others and the world. Mental health difficulties, physical symptoms and emotional disturbances can all impact our confidence levels.
We might not believe that we can go for that job; or that relationship, that we can learn something new or develop the skills we need to create and give to the world. When we can stand up and take responsibility from our hearts, our life changes. We speak up; we reach out; we listen to our bodies and receive from others.

In Dance therapy, there is recognition of the inseparable nature of the body and the mind. When there is separation, this can be due to trauma, depression, shame and abuse. Confidence develops through exploring our emotions through movements that integrate the body, mind and spirit, helping the brain to be in safety mode and relearn that we can stand up and take our place.
We all carry our life stories in our bones; often, these stay with us and keep us stuck, not feeling like we belong. If you have difficulties in groups, this is a safely held space based on movement and simple dances, Individual and group exercises that anyone can do to their comfort level!

I am a highly experienced Movement Psychotherapist; join me.

I organize these Dance Movement Therapy group sessions for women throughout the year, please see the events page.