Eco-therapy invites an increased awareness of how we treat the planet and challenges the materialism that discounts the planet’s needs. It opens your warrior’s heart!

Working therapeutically together outdoors:

The Sirhowy Forest is where together, we bring the outdoor mind into the therapeutic space by bringing awareness to the ecological self and ecological space and developing homonomy; the selfless you that is part of the Natural World.


The Seasons:

In eco-therapy, we work with the seasons as we walk, and you explore your inner landscape and listen to the natural world; this becomes part of your therapeutic journey. Some of the themes of each season are:

  • Autumn – Saying goodbye and letting go and trusting the deep seeds planted for next year.
  • Winter – What are your hidden seeds?
  • Spring – How are your intuitions nurtured so they grow roots and fruit?
  • Summer – How do you celebrate the collective and welcome richness and abundance into your life?


The benefits:

Listening to Nature and in resonance with her healing the hurts inside

Healing your Ancestral traumas

Developing a tender warrior heart

Connecting with the magic of the in-between spaces where profound transformation happens in connection with the elements, animals and the voice of mother earth


If you like walking outdoors for your therapy session, talk to me about it. We can discuss it to see if this is for you.

We contract for these sessions before venturing out and arrange to meet at a specific place each time. We can also incorporate these sessions into your therapeutic journey monthly if this appeals to you.

There is a dissonance between our need to find healing in the environment and how we as a species continue to abuse the environment. By re-naturing, we sensitise ourselves to a new relationship that accounts for the planet’s needs.


Fees: £60 per session