A little about me:


I love what the Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC) says:
“Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy relies upon the importance of the relationship between the therapist and client to enable mind, body, feeling, and soul to come together as a whole. The client and the therapist are actively engaged in shaping the processes of assessing the client’s problems or issues, working out what will happen in therapy and evaluating the outcomes. Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists believe in the client’s ability to take responsibility for themselves, their choices, and their capacity to fulfil their talents. The psychotherapist works with the client to realise these potentials. Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapists consider how the external world affects the client and will explore the significance of the social, cultural and political experience.”

Transactional Analysis is a solid personality theory and personal growth and change system. It is humanistic-existential psychotherapy with psychoanalytic origins, enabling profound change. I am passionate about TA because it works; it makes sense. We have the answers to our problems and difficulties, and if given the proper support within a trusting relationship, we can re-connect with ourselves, others and the world.

Everything is possible!

My training began in Movement Psychotherapy with a robust person-centred approach. Before this, I travelled and trained in dance therapy and then moved on to becoming a therapeutic movement teacher for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. My work began with adults across the UK, Italy, Argentina, Denmark, France, Belgium, South Africa and Tokyo, Japan. I ran projects for the Shepton Mallet Autism Support group in Somerset, Parkinson’s UK; the National Autistic Society in ARAAS, France; Swansea University Adult education as well as the British Psychotherapy Association and The Pan American Roundtables in Escobar, Argentina.

From here, I specialised in my work with Neurodiversity. I became part of a welsh charity where I trained teachers and social workers all across the country to deliver therapeutic sessions for their classrooms, homes, and in one-to-one sessions through music and movement for a decade. I worked in a low secure forensic unit in Cardiff with young adult males and females with learning disabilities who had been highly abused and forgotten about.

I began to feel the pull to work one-to-one rather than with groups and took counselling training. I know how vital the one-to-one personal/professional relationship is in helping you re-discover or discover who you are for the first time and find your place in the world. Counselling has enabled me to reach those people for whom movement feels too exposing, and for shy, introverted people, the person-to-person relationship is a lifesaver! My experience has been with women who have suffered and dare to take that first step in listening to their hearts to get help. Women who have experienced birth traumas have been able to heal them. Women who have experienced abuse and low self-esteem find it challenging to think of themselves as important and to listen, hear and understand their feelings and emotions because they have been discounted since childhood.

I began training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy during the lockdown and am now in my clinical years of working and am delighted to be able to offer this. My approach is relational, and I work with women and with men.

I work in private practice and am a member of the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA), European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA), International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and National Counselling Society (NCS). I work within the United Kingdom Association Counselling and Psychotherapy (UKCP) Ethical framework.

Abuse, Anxiety, Trauma, Neurodiversity, Difficulty expressing emotions, Difficulty forming close relationships,  Anxious in social situations, Feeling you prefer to be alone with your own thoughts.

I work with Women and Men who have experienced childhood traumas, anxiety-related issues, and relationship difficulties. Women and Men experience complicated grief, low self-esteem, shyness and loneliness, depression, and wanting to explore their spirituality. Women and men who have a small child inside that needs to be heard and understood.

Psychotherapy is so transformative and helps people heal from trauma, find better ways to cope, and become clearer about challenging issues because you have found the right therapist. You form a strong therapeutic relationship you will feel heard, acknowledged and seen for who you are! Boundaries help you build trust and are part of why psychotherapy is so successful. When relationships in your life have lacked boundaries, finding them again, or for the first time, is empowering. Processing trauma to lessen the impact on your mind and body will give you a sense of relief and a feeling of being lighter because you are no longer carrying it around with you. Your relationship with your therapist will teach you much about your life outside the consulting room. Your behaviours, voice, and feelings can help you to reflect on what is important to you. You can heal your past and begin to make new and different choices, see situations and people more objectively and change the way you think. New ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving can emerge.

I believe passionately in psychotherapy and the therapeutic relationship that allows you to explore and discover more of yourself, heal trauma, repair relationships, live the life you desire and be passionate about who you are and with others and what you bring to the world.

I have regular twice-monthly clinical supervision and am super committed and passionate about my ongoing professional development because it allows me to help others to change and heal.