My name is Karen and I look forward to hearing from you. My Counselling service is Online and in Person in Risca, Newport. We can discuss which option you prefer and you might like to have an assessment in person and then decide to switch to online or vice versa. Both Online and in person are equally effective and work extremely well.

I offer short-term counselling and longer term therapy and have worked with many people who have never experienced counselling before, as well as students and people who have returned to counselling to work on issues they were not ready for before. My experience and career in therapy began many years ago and I understand and appreciate the importance of life, the importance of talking to someone who can listen to you and your struggles. I have worked with young adults in a low secure forensic unit, adults and children with autism and learning disabilities and with groups in rehabilitation and am familiar with personality disorders, trauma, anxiety, stress, and hard experiences.

Having a Masters in Movement Psychotherapy I am naturally drawn to the body and its language and so often in sessions pay attention to ‘where you are breathing in your body’, ‘What your hands are saying’ etc. The body focus works where there is trauma as becoming safely embodied and finding a stable and solid foundation is extremely important.

Many people don’t enjoy paying attention to their breathing and find knowing how they feel very difficult and so the therapy is focused on talking through what was, what is the experience for them about a particular situation or relationship and what is important for them to understand, to know and to heal.

Often people seek Counselling for help with bothersome thoughts, patterns that keep showing in their life whether that be in intimate relationships, work or how they manage day-to-day tasks. Whatever your reasons for seeking help, you have come to the right place and I look forward to hearing from you.

My promise is to offer confidentiality, warmth and honesty on your therapeutic journey. When you are ready, you can book your sessions in person or online.

Member of:

NCS (The National Counselling Society)

ACTO (Association for Counselling & Therapy Online) Level 2. Professional Membership

UKATA (UK Association for Transactional Analysis)

ADMPUK (Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists)


My Qualifications:

MA Movement Psychotherapy (Canterbury Christchurch University),
Advanced Diploma Counselling Supervision Level 7 (National Counselling Society),
Diploma On-line Counselling Level 5 
Couples Therapy Diploma (The Couples Institute).

Continued Personal Development Qualifications:

The trauma Pathway (TRC)
Internal family systems
Family Constellations (Sarasi Rogers)
Developmental movements
Working with shame (Carolyn Spring)
Dealing with Distress- working with suicide and self harm
Trauma and the body – Dissociation and Somatisation
Working with trauma that has become stuck
Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical practice
Working with Relational trauma
Childhood sexual abuse: working with adult survivors (National counselling Society)
Counselling for rape and sexual abuse (National Counselling society)
Relational depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Mick Cooper)
Stories matter (Person centred arts association)
Working with grief
Transactional Analysis 101
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Somatic experiencing
Narcissistic abuse



Published Articles:

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Body Talk: Therapist Karen Woodley says there’s much inside to be gleaned from a client’s non-verbal gestures while fully “listening” with your own body too. – Planet Mindful – Issue 7 – 2019

Touch Trust Health and Well Being Through Movement – PMLD-LINK – Summer 2017 (among others)


The invisible sense of the heart
A self-care book for carers with simple ideas for working with children with additional needs.
2019 – Tango Creations Publishers

An approach to Tango Therapy 
Tango Therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses the Argentinean tango dance and music, integrated with special exercises as an alternative therapy in palliative care.
First Edition 2009 / Second Edition 2010