If you cannot come in person for your session, you can choose any of these options:


Skype is a well-known and reputable company that offers an app available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
If you want to be in contact by Skype, you need to have Skype in your device:

1.- Download the Skype app to your device from: (Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) or from the App Store (IOs) or Google Play (Android).

2.- Create an account. (It is free)

3 Call us to our Skype user/ID “woodley.karen”, no authorisation or “friend/contact” exchange needed, (on the top of the app, look for the magnifier (Search Skype People, group & messages) and type our user.

Our On-line room for Personal Meetings:

We use the services of FreeConference. Our Online Meeting room access code is  “5606900“.

To access the meeting room, and you have Google Chrome, you just need to click in the link you will receive on our email.
Enter your name and press “Join the conference” (No password or account needed)
Next screen will ask for your authorisation to use your microphone and camera, please press “Internet”.
Once you enter to the Conference Room, on the top bar, please click on “Video” so we can see each other.
We will be waiting for you.

Very important: If you have Chrome, you will access to the On-line room straight away. The On-line room works only on Chrome Browser. However, if you do not have Google Chrome or you wish to join by using your mobile, tablet, or other PC/Device, you can download the Desktop App for Windows 7.1 and Up / Desktop App for MacOs 10.10 and Up / Desktop App for Linux / Mobile App for iOS 8 and Up / Mobile App for Android 4.4 and Up.Or, if you wish, you can also download Google Chrome Browser.

Please follow this link:

Once you download the app you must install it ( On Windows(TM) our system may say that it is an unknown or not recognised app, just click on “More info” and then “Run Anyway”, it is perfectly safe).

After the app is installed, please run/open it and choose “Join a conference”.
It will ask for your “Access Code”, which is “5606900” and click “Join Conference”.
Please enter your name, and then “Internet” to grant access to your microphone and camera.

You do not need to create an account or give any personal information. Just put your name. Conference is encrypted.

I will be waiting for you at the time we agreed.

Phone calls:

Of course, if you do not want or cannot meet me in a videoconference (Over Skype or Online Meeting room) you can always call me:



Unless we have a different agreement, please send your payment before the meeting on Paypal using this link: