How will it be to work on-line with me?

Through either Video Conference or Skype I ask that you set aside private time and space, somewhere you know you wont be disturbed for an hour and that the space be as quiet as possible. I am wanting to make this as easy as possible for those of you who might be for example, screen shy / not computer literate /feeling unsafe in-case the computer crashes etc., all these things and more.

The advantages of on-line Counselling

  • Having more freedom to choose a therapist further a field and who fits for you.
  • Being able to access Counselling where otherwise you cannot, e.g. you are confined to a wheelchair, have physical problems / disabilities etc.
  • Fitting in personal therapy to a very busy schedule at a time suitable to yourself, for example in the evening before retiring for the night.

Sessions on-line are offered at a lower cost and therefore more affordable for some people




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