Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy looks at how the past may be impacting your present life. What you learned in early relationships and how you relate now. We all have a past, a story and sometimes this story gets us stuck as we find ourselves always feeling sad, alone, afraid or angry and feeling helpless in being able to experience anything different. It is a relational and integrative approach where the importance is placed on the therapeutic relationship with the self, the other and with the inter-subjective of what happens when we get together.

Sometimes you may feel really overwhelmed with things and find yourself questioning what is wrong with you, you may feel really young inside. In TA Psychotherapy we get to know that young part of ourselves and explore gently those confusing feelings in a safe and confidential environment.

The most profound changes happen through relational experiences, ones that embody and enact different meanings from those that relationships once did as oppose to just cognitive insight alone.