Student Supervision

After having gained a distinction in my counselling supervision work, I wanted to offer sessions to students as I had just finished working in the Touch Trust where I was responsible for the training of students all across Wales. I find this rewarding as it brings together teaching and healing.
I offer you opportunities to root and stimulate your best work as it will promote greater self-awareness and leave you more confident in yourself and your abilities. The sessions are structured by firstly establishing the aims and objectives of a particular topic and then giving you space to explore the more instinctive, intuitive and unknown elements, and alchemy so essential to the creative process. Finally, in reviewing the session together we will discuss if the aims have been met and agree upon actions to move forward with.

We look at:
What is in the therapy space between counsellor and client?
What is happening here and now between us?
How to work through the aspects of the environment you are working in

I am informed by the five-relationship framework (Clarkson, 2003) in supervision which was used in my clinical training and provides an integrative principle focusing on similarities and differences to psychotherapy and facilitates flexibility in each therapist whatever their training. Students are welcome from Humanistic and psychoanalytic training backgrounds.

I am informed by:

  • The working alliance
  • The transference / countertransference in the relationship
  • The reparative and developmentally needed relationship
  • The person-to-person relationship
  • The transpersonal relationship