The first session

What happens in the first session, and what is best for me ?

In our first session we chat about your concerns to work out together the best course of therapy for you. I complete an assessment with you and following this assessment agree with you on the best treatment plan. If you need Counselling, which is for shorter term work, then together we will decide on the number of sessions for this. Short-term work helps with bereavement / in going back to work / help in deciding / in recovering from surgery / becoming a new mum / changing career, etc. You will feel better after a course of counselling and able to manage life better.

If you need Psychotherapy, then this is longer term work and can be for Anxiety / Relationship Issues / Trauma / Narcissitic Abuse / Childhood issues / and for deeper issues that feel like ‘ I don’t know what is wrong but I know something is’. We may work for a significant amount of time together, for however long is needed for you to feel better. During our time together we will review the sessions every 2 months to reflect on the changes and where you are in this journey.

Finally, at the end of our first session, I will ask you to complete a consent form (for online therapy) . We contract for working together and then we agree on a day and time for your appointments.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free’ Rollo May